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I took these photos at the night photography beginner’s class last Saturday.  I don’t think I learned what I was supposed to about night photography – I like to play with the controls more than listen to instructions, but I feel like I learned a life lesson instead.  The first photo is stylistic I think.  I have no idea how I even got that angle!  The second photo is the actual distance between the buildings.

These two photos really signify for me the way things can be presented totally different than reality.  We all see things based on our own perceptions – angles if you will, so we all see things vastly differently.  Some see these buildings next to each other, some across the street.  As marketers we can skew the perception of products and services by the way we “angle” the shot.  We also do this all the time in personal relationships.  We tell a story to our advantage (of course) conveniently skipping reality to get what we want.

I think the most dangerous use of this is in what we tell ourselves.  If we can get the right angle we convince ourselves it is the truth.  Don’t be fooled.  Be brave enough to look at the big picture and see what you need to see, not just what you want to see.

Here’s one with the moon I sort of like.  I have a lot of work to do in night photography – but I am enjoying the process - and that’s what is important – right?

My second Photo walk!   Not quite as interesting as the one downtown because there weren't very many people there, but the art was amazing.  Learned some limitations - such as lens length.  There was an amazing steel structure outside but I never did capture it's essence in my opinion.  I always use the same lens because it is the most versatile one I have.  I have a lot of lens but I really never use them.  I guess I should experiment more.  I signed up for a nighttime shoot next week.  Looking forward to it.

Here are a few shots I did like.  Of course I have many more, but honestly I hate uploading them!  I should look into a slide viewer to make viewing easier and so it doesn't take up so much space.  Seriously, the uploading took minutes, I don't know why I don't like it!

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