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In the afternoon we drove to Half Moon Bay.  I saw the cutest poster board with a half moon (clever).  I want to write it out because it is so awesome!

  • Say Something Silly
  • Laugh 'til it Hurts
  • Take a Risk
  • Tell a Secret
  • Sing Out Loud
  • Rock the Boat
  • Shake Things Up
  • Flirt with Disaster
  • Buy Something Frivolous
  • Color outside the Lines
  • Cause a Scene
  • Order Dessert
  • Make Waves
  • Get Carried Away
  • Have a GREAT DAY

Here's the photo - isn't it fantastic?  A great reminder to have an AWESOME week everyone!!!

Yesterday was an eventful day, in the morning I visited with a new friend Olga Enciso Smith. She is an amazing woman with an incredible vision.  With her permission I have attached her vision statement and mission in life.  If you have trouble reading it I can send you the pdf version.  It is pretty awesome!

Here are just a few of the amazing art pieces she has for sale.  All are handmade and benefit the artists in Peru.  I cropped the photos to get the detail in the art.  If you are interested please contact her.

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