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Last Sunday  I went to Santa Cruz to “hang out”.  No plans, only a few books to read and a notepad.  It was wonderful.  I don’t know about you, but usually all of my days are filled with tasks and appointments so much so I don’t even realize it’s the end of the day.  To take time to do “nothing” or read something you want to read is heavenly.  I only stayed a few hours, but relaxing by the ocean was therapeutic.  I got some free writing done too.  Both of us were satisfied and felt we had “done” something – isn’t that funny?  When we run errands all day we don’t feel accomplished, but when we sit for a while by the ocean we feel rejuvenated, calm.  Pretty awesome isn’t it?

I got some great pictures too!  The dog pictures are especially precious.  I tried to get the range of surfers too.  Pretty cool. Santa Cruz is notoriously a pretty vicious place to surf due to sharks and locals who aren't kind if you get in their way!  (That is pretty much everywhere.)  One of the pictures captures this as the surfers communicate with their hands - ha ha!  You can find those pictures on Flickr!

Synchronicity was at work this weekend!  I had been invited to Salinas for a friend's art exhibit - "Honoring Women's Rights" at the National Steinbeck Center.  I didn't really know where Salinas was, so I had not committed.  On Friday night I ran into another friend and she suggested we visit the Steinbeck museum in Salinas - it was only an hour's drive.  How awesome is that!  I had read several of his novels in school, but I really didn't know anything about him as a man.  Shortly after we walked in I saw this:

I knew I was going to like this place...And I did.  It is very interactive and has his quotes and scenes from his books recreated there.  It was a lot of fun.

Afterwards we walked up the street and as luck would have it, I found a book published in 1975 comprised of his letters.  At over 900 pages I think I will have a pretty good idea of who he was!

We also visited his childhood home, where he was born - in the front bedroom, and lived for 19 years.  It wasn't open by the time we got there, but here's a picture:

Pretty cool huh?  I can't wait to spend time in the Steinbeck room at the library by my house, read more of his books, watch his know me - I dive right in.  Have an awesome week everyone!

What is your favorite Steinbeck book?

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