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Another beautiful sunset tonight! I am addicted to these colors. The sky is so blue here – after all those years in the fog I appreciate the blue skies so much. It is a pity what we take for granted. Ever since I started taking a lot of pictures I have seen things I had never noticed before – such as sunsets, but also, colors, landscapes, the lighting in the “golden hour”. It’s been really amazing. When I was working at a corporate job I rarely even saw daylight. It’s been refreshing. I have always been told I should stop and “smell the roses” – done!

Today I learned more about my new town and looked up the businesses here and the businesses for sale. I plan on going to the Chamber of Commerce soon; I just need my “elevator speech”. I am working on it, but haven’t quite narrowed it down. I definitely have a lot of stories, but I need to pare them down to the most interesting and shortest! I am looking forward to my new chapter.

When I am silent be afraid J I am working on redefining/defining/creating/producing the next chapter of my life. My biggest influences are the Warren Buffett book and the advice I have been given over the years, but never had the will/money/intense desire/guts to pursue…Strangely I am still afraid to say. It’s so strange because it’s who I am, everyone else can see it, but I haven’t owned it. I need to own it. I am working on that. Stay tuned.

For now, a beautiful bird at Cougar Mountain Zoo in Washington:

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