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In the past Barnes & Noble and Border's were my "happy places" - a place I could go and feel like I was at "home" in any city I happened to be in at the time. Especially the two story ones - so much to explore!  BUT this past week I found an EVEN better happy place....

The San Jose State Dr. Martin Luther King Library!!!  EIGHT stories of blissfulness!  And FREE!  Libraries are awesome.  I spent some time as the VP of Fundraising at a local library in Los Angeles, but it was small and didn't hold the awe of the bigger downtown library in L.A. which is spectacular.  I didn't get to visit that one as much as I like.  But this ONE....every day - except holidays, in which case I had to get extra books :)  I've already read 3 books since I've gotten here.  They were pretty good - the Rodney King book, Wisdom - 50 people over 65 years old talking about life, and 90 Days to Launch.  I got 3 more today.  I just couldn't resist and the best part is they go back when I am done.  I still miss all of my books sitting in storage but this does make the situation a bit more bearable.  Here's to NEVER going a day without learning something!  Have a great weekend everyone - you know where I will be!

So cute!

I love taking pictures of birds.  It can be frustrating because they are so fast, but when you get the shot -
it's awesome.  Ducks are my speciality, but when I get the chance to photograph others I am always up
for the challenge.  I haven't taken many pictures lately.  I miss it.

There are a few Quails around here I want to get, but so far, not much luck.  I took a few, but they
were too far away.  I'll keep trying.  Do you have a favorite subject?

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