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Last night I attended my first PhotoWalk!  It was awesome.  It was also the First Friday of the month which means Art Festivals! Perfect for catching those candid shots.

This was our assignment (I didn't know we got an assignment - that was sort of cool, I never had an assignment before!):

  • Shoot photos of people enjoying artwork, not the artwork itself
  • People in motion (laughing, arms moving, dancing)
  • Shoot photos of individuals or small groups, not large crowds
  • Signs and items that express where you are (location)
Sticking to the assignment was hard - especially not taking pictures of the art because some of it was so interesting!  But here are a few of my favorites.


There was also a really great band playing, you can check out a brief snippet of their music I recorded on my YouTube channel:

And, like them on Facebook at MADNOISE.  One last picture for the evening.  I can't wait to do another one!


In the past Barnes & Noble and Border's were my "happy places" - a place I could go and feel like I was at "home" in any city I happened to be in at the time. Especially the two story ones - so much to explore!  BUT this past week I found an EVEN better happy place....

The San Jose State Dr. Martin Luther King Library!!!  EIGHT stories of blissfulness!  And FREE!  Libraries are awesome.  I spent some time as the VP of Fundraising at a local library in Los Angeles, but it was small and didn't hold the awe of the bigger downtown library in L.A. which is spectacular.  I didn't get to visit that one as much as I like.  But this ONE....every day - except holidays, in which case I had to get extra books :)  I've already read 3 books since I've gotten here.  They were pretty good - the Rodney King book, Wisdom - 50 people over 65 years old talking about life, and 90 Days to Launch.  I got 3 more today.  I just couldn't resist and the best part is they go back when I am done.  I still miss all of my books sitting in storage but this does make the situation a bit more bearable.  Here's to NEVER going a day without learning something!  Have a great weekend everyone - you know where I will be!

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