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Synchronicity was at work this weekend!  I had been invited to Salinas for a friend's art exhibit - "Honoring Women's Rights" at the National Steinbeck Center.  I didn't really know where Salinas was, so I had not committed.  On Friday night I ran into another friend and she suggested we visit the Steinbeck museum in Salinas - it was only an hour's drive.  How awesome is that!  I had read several of his novels in school, but I really didn't know anything about him as a man.  Shortly after we walked in I saw this:

I knew I was going to like this place...And I did.  It is very interactive and has his quotes and scenes from his books recreated there.  It was a lot of fun.

Afterwards we walked up the street and as luck would have it, I found a book published in 1975 comprised of his letters.  At over 900 pages I think I will have a pretty good idea of who he was!

We also visited his childhood home, where he was born - in the front bedroom, and lived for 19 years.  It wasn't open by the time we got there, but here's a picture:

Pretty cool huh?  I can't wait to spend time in the Steinbeck room at the library by my house, read more of his books, watch his know me - I dive right in.  Have an awesome week everyone!

What is your favorite Steinbeck book?

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