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My freckles in Colorado - 5th Grade

Do you have freckles?  Some people LOVE them.  I am not one of them.  I have always been mortified when they appear in the summer – so much more noticeable than in the winter.  Being a California girl it was embarrassing.  No one ever said anything; it was entirely a personal opinion.  I don’t like the red in my hair either.  I have covered that up for years, but the freckles?  Not much you can do.  I guess the one good thing about them is that at least they give me some color.

For the past 10 years though I haven’t really had to deal with them much.  I lived in Las Vegas for 2 years – there wasn’t a chance I was staying outside in that heat.  I tried a bike ride before summer and learned my lesson well.  The heat is not my friend.  Then I lived in Seattle for 4 years – too rainy there.  There were a few beautiful days but they were few and far between so sunshine was not a problem.  Then I moved to Half Moon Bay for 3 years and it was too foggy.  All this time I have been pining for the sun.  I haven’t worn shorts since Los Angeles! 

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How many of us are good at selling ourselves?  I am not.  I know who I am so I forget others don’t know anything and I have to start to describe the person I am.  I had the wish that others would look here to learn that, but no such luck.  People are overwhelmed.  And many won’t read even for money!  It is stunning.  When I come across someone I don’t know I read everything I can on him or her. I go to their website, all of their social media sites.  I read and learn.  I am different I guess.

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