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Today, as I start locating all the boxes to start packing (at least what I don’t want the movers to pack), I realized two (2) things: 1 – how many things have broken or we gave away and kept the box! and, 2 – why do I have all of these things that I can pack and not need for weeks? It’s amazing what I have accumulated. I am one of the innovators, always buying the newest “it” thing that I am going to start using everyday, which invariably I use (or in some cases, never use) for a few days and then I lose interest quickly.

This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted to post it!  I took it through the window of my office.

A friend of mine said he was “attracted to shiny objects” – I laughed. I am disciplined I thought. And I am, well, I was… At work I never had one day I didn’t get all of my work done. At home….well, not so much. If I have deliverables, then yes, I get everything done. But if I have a big project – like my website or writing a book or editing a video it just keeps slipping down the to-do list. I am disappointed about this quality in myself.

This morning I listened to “The Think Big Revolution” and someone mentioned not being as dedicated to his or her personal goals as they are to their work goals. I think that is my issue too, such a shame we limit our personal development and growth and put it behind work place issues. I am going to work on that and create a schedule so that I can accomplish more of my own goals. I tried calendaring events – even lunch, but it didn’t really work. What have you tried? E-mail me and let me know. Maybe we can help each other.

This is the first Monday of the new year! What does it mean? It means my Netflix is going to be off a day because there is no mail today. Yes, I am still getting actual DVD’s. I will be switching soon back to streaming, but my Internet had become such an issue where I currently live so I opted for DVD delivery. Anyway…. so today I looked for my next client or position and continued reading my book. For some reason, the books I need to read the most take me the most time – strange. I usually can polish off a book in a day. Not this one.

I am excited to get back to the “real world” – I have spent the past 3 years working from home. It was a fantastic experience and opportunity, but being an extrovert, I really need to get back to in-person contact. I would have never survived without Twitter and Facebook. The work I do is largely solo (contract negotiation) and is done primarily through e-mail. It is rare I need to speak with anyone, so I can do a massive amount of work without ever talking to anyone. Great for productivity, not so great for sanity!

Combined with working at home I had moved to a new town. I usually meet people at work, but here I have met almost all of my friends through Twitter. It is really awesome. I researched the town before moving here and luckily there were some really active members. Additionally, one member created a “Tech Tuesday” monthly meeting. It was there I met some really great people and added to my Twitter list. My new town doesn’t have a presence on Twitter. I am bummed I can’t start connecting now, but at the same time I see it as a possible opportunity for a business!

I am excited to see what the future holds. I love new adventures and helping businesses meet (and exceed) their goals!

The sunset tonight - beautiful!


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