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I love this picture! I feel like this a lot – I am blonde and very white so I stick out in crowds, but also I am a businessperson among many workers. I am always stunned when people don’t want to talk about business 24/7 – ha ha! No seriously, I am sort of obsessed. I held it in for a long time because I wanted to be someone else – someone carefree who didn’t notice every little thing a business did wrong, someone who didn’t want to offer marketing and customer service advice to every retailer she happened to meet or prepare break-even analyses for them (I have never had anyone thank me for that by the way)…someone that didn’t research any and every idea someone brings up!

It can be overwhelming to be so interested in everything. But it also can be wonderful. I am really enjoying getting back to my business books and I almost devour the pages for new ideas and great stories. I am reading one of my favorites now – Tom Peters – he always riles me up and I am ready to conquer the world after I read one of his books. Listening to them is even better, but I have a few I need to read. I have so much more energy when I give in and let my ideas flow. Now, if only I could run a multinational corporation!

When I was in school I didn’t really identify with the manufacturing case studies.. It is something so different from what I’ve done, yet so many similar takeaways. I would never have guessed that when I was studying, such a different time in my life. I almost wish I could go back and take all the classes again with all the knowledge I have gained over the years. It would be a completely different experience. I think they should require at least 10 years in the corporate world before you get an MBA – it would be so much more useful. Wow, I never knew I felt that way, but it is a good idea.

Still working on my future career plans. Very frustrated. As soon as I pick a direction I think of something else. They should really have a better system of picking careers – perhaps a class where you get to do the job for a day. It would definitely save a lot of lawyers from making a mistake! So many occupations only show the “good” parts and don’t really tell the truth. Like police officers – the job looks really cool, but the reality is that it’s a lot of paperwork. In fact, it is a ton of tedious paperwork. It’s the same with law school. The essays are excruciating (at least, it was for me). I am more of a summarize-type of girl, not a nitty-gritty detail type of girl. And there in lies the problem . . .

I LOVE variety, learning something new everyday, I actually thrive on change and constant improvements. If things stay the same for very long my energy depletes. I know the advice people are given is to not rely on their job to meet all of their needs, but when you have defined yourself by your job for so many years it’s really hard not to like where you work. There are varying opinions on what a job should be – but shouldn’t you define that for yourself?

Speaking of changes, last night it snowed, my kind of snow – almost gone by noon!

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