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I went to a presentation on Wednesday about the Law of Attraction.  We all learned the principles in basic elementary school science – like attracts like.  It’s similar to when you buy a new car and then suddenly you see so many more on the road than you did before.  It’s about focus.   If you are feeling negative, guess what you are going to attract?  Your reality is created every second by the choices you make.  Sounds simple right?  Be positive good things happen, be negative, bad things happen.  If only it were that easy.  We think thousands of thoughts a day, minute, second even.   But there are some ways to “pivot” your thoughts when you notice you are on the downward cycle.

Here's one: start making a list of what you don’t want.  That’s right, what you don’t want.  List about 5 items about the subject you are currently focused on.  Now, you guessed it, write what you DO want – turn your don’t around.  Just that simple exercise will do wonders for your attitude.  Thank you Mary Ursettie for teaching us that useful tool.

Let me know if you try the exercise.  We had fun doing it in class.  I would love to hear some real life stories of when it worked for you.


I have a confession to make: I love to watch new business pitches!  I know - it’s weird right?  I love the enthusiasm, the idea, and energy of the pitch.  Of course I can’t help myself counting the ways they could have made it better.  How often have you wondered:  “Did they know they were giving a presentation today?”   There is a difference between appearing comfortable and being comfortable!  I am all for the relaxed look and fitting in with your audience, but can you at least comb your hair?  The harried engineer look is really best for all-night coding sessions, not for a presentation to raise funding for your new venture.

Nevertheless I always learn something from other’s presentations, maybe that’s why I attend as many as I can – online and in-person.  If I am really paying attention, as opposed to multi-tasking – which I need a support group for I think, I find a nugget or two I can use.  And more importantly I am energized by their creativity and innovation.  It’s so great to see all of the new products and ideas coming from people.  Now the only question is:  When am I going to be ready to present?

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