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This photo makes me smile.  I hope it does that for you too.  I took it today and I don’t know why I just want to start giggling.  The bird was not happy we were coming its way so I am glad I snapped this just in time.  I hadn’t taken any photo’s for awhile so I was glad to get outside and take a few, well 509, for me, a few!  We went for a hike and I took a lot of pictures amongst the trees and fall leaves.  It was awesome.

Being November and with Thanksgiving coming up everyone seems to be talking about Gratitude.  Usually I don’t pay much attention to these campaigns, but my friends at Essence Coaches are doing a video campaign and it’s really great.  Every day they have a new question and one of the coaches answers the question via video and they have all been great so far.  At first I wasn’t commenting on any of them, but then I was listening to one of their radio shows and realized if I don’t participate than I am really not getting the full effect.  I had answered all of the questions to myself but sharing makes it so much better!  Check them out on Facebook if you are interested in participating.

Speaking of sharing, I really enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve received and wonder if you feel the same way?  Do you enjoy getting together with like-minded individuals and sharing what you’ve learned?  Barbara Sher describes an Idea Party in her books and on her website.  I think it sounds fun!  I haven’t really met anyone who is interested in real life, but maybe we can have a virtual party?  I LOVE sharing ideas and creating new products and services for other people.  I know – you teach what you most need to learn right?  I can’t seem to get them produced for myself, but I can’t stop myself from suggesting innovative and creative products for my friends to try and I will even help.  Let me know if you are interested!  You can reach me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - a link is also located on the left hand side of this page.  Thank you for reading, and drop me line if you are interested in an Idea Party.  Have an awesome week!

I think we all need more celebrations.  What do you have to celebrate this week?  What do you do to celebrate?  Food?  Drinks?  A high-5?  Is it a solitary activity or do you bring in friends?

This past week the World Series has been on and I have watched the games at home and at the local pizza place.  The pizza place was a lot of fun.  But the game was also phenomenal – 3 homeruns by the same guy in successive innings.  It was incredible.  All the people cheering was intense and afterwards I could barely sleep from all the energy created in the room.  For Game 2 we stayed home.  There was no excitement in the game at all, 2 runs total.  My team won, but it was painfully boring.  The next night we split – the pizza place was packed so we didn’t stay very long.  It is not that fun when you can’t see the screen. Funny, the energy is the same, the cheering is still contagious, but if you can’t see the great plays, it’s just not the same for me.

What rules do you have for celebration?  Do you need to “see the screen”?

Oh, and, my team won the series!



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