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Don’t give them the space in your head.

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As I have mentioned before, I write every morning for 20 minutes.  Most of the time it’s pure garbage, but once in a while I find something I really like.  This is from my Morning Pages on June 29th, I like where this is going.  I didn’t bother to edit it – this is as I wrote it.

Writing…sort of got off track this week, but definitely want to write about business and life.  I have struggled with the life part but now I am leaning into it.  I can help people with their lives.  I get things they don’t.  I can simplify things and if they want to listen I can make a difference – that’s what it is all about isn’t it?  That’s what I want.  I want them to know they have a choice.  They can live with drama or they can live in peace.  It’s their choice – it truly is.  Even in the midst of chaos you can be peaceful if you choose to be.  It’s how you process the situation.  It’s what power you give to it.  You are in control.  But in the heat of battle sometimes we forget that.  I certainly have.  I have gone down that rabbit hole way too often and it’s not pleasant.  I want to rise above the fray and be me.

When you are operating in the truly unique YOU you are above the chaos of the world and you can feel supremely peaceful and tranquil.  It just takes presence.  You need to be aware of your tendencies and stop them before they take you on the trip down, down, down.  It is really quite easy once you start.  People in your life may be suspicious and not like your newfound peace.  They will try to drag you down to their level and they will be angry at your happiness.  They won’t understand it and that is okay.  What they think is none of your business.  Be YOU.

I love where this is going!  Isn’t it true?  It’s all about being who you are at all times and not letting others get the best of you because isn’t that what its all about?  We let others get inside of our head and then we think that we are less than or not enough.  Their dialogue repeats in our brain to the point that we can’t think for ourselves anymore.  And we listen.  We listen because we don’t trust our self. 

We listen because we were taught from a young age that others knew better than us.  We listen because we desperately want to believe that someone has our best interest at heart.  We obviously must have missed something that they saw.  Even though they haven’t lived a day in our lives inside of us, we believe them over what we know to be true.  That stops today!  You need to know that you know what is best for you.  Of course if your mind is telling you that something hurtful – such as drugs or alcohol is best for you then you need to listen to someone else!  But if someone is telling you that you NEED to do this, or you NEED to do that at it doesn’t feel true for you, then do what you KNOW is what you need and stop listening to the people trying to bring you down to their level.  They are hurting and they want you to hurt too.  Don’t give them the satisfaction.  Don’t give them the space in your head.  You know your truth.  Everybody does. 

Now is the time to get silent and listen.  Now is the time to hear what you truly need.  No time like the present!

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