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I Hate My Freckles!

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My freckles in Colorado - 5th Grade

Do you have freckles?  Some people LOVE them.  I am not one of them.  I have always been mortified when they appear in the summer – so much more noticeable than in the winter.  Being a California girl it was embarrassing.  No one ever said anything; it was entirely a personal opinion.  I don’t like the red in my hair either.  I have covered that up for years, but the freckles?  Not much you can do.  I guess the one good thing about them is that at least they give me some color.

For the past 10 years though I haven’t really had to deal with them much.  I lived in Las Vegas for 2 years – there wasn’t a chance I was staying outside in that heat.  I tried a bike ride before summer and learned my lesson well.  The heat is not my friend.  Then I lived in Seattle for 4 years – too rainy there.  There were a few beautiful days but they were few and far between so sunshine was not a problem.  Then I moved to Half Moon Bay for 3 years and it was too foggy.  All this time I have been pining for the sun.  I haven’t worn shorts since Los Angeles! 

Now I live in San Jose and it is just right.  The temperature is absolutely perfect and the sun shines daily.  So I have been attempting to get a little color on my painfully white arms and legs.  When I lived in Las Vegas my doctor warned me 20 minutes was the maximum I should be in the sun.  I was crushed.  I LOVE the sun.  But it wasn’t much of an issue given the intense heat there – I could barely breathe in it, much less sit in it for any longer than a few minutes!

The past few weeks, maybe 3 times a week I have dutifully set my 20-minute alarm (I do have a thing for 20 minutes don’t I?).  See: What Can You do in 20 Minutes?   Depending on the heat – I don’t think it’s been over 80 when I have been outside here, it was difficult for me to even stay out that long. This brings me to yesterday.  Twenty minutes around noon went fabulously.  I took a book to the San Jose State University and loved my time on the bench with the birds singing in the trees.  Then I got greedy.  I thought:  If I wait until after the hottest part of the day (I have been told 10 am – 2 pm) I could sneak in another twenty minutes – right?  Well, I COULD, but I shouldn’t have.  I am burnt to a crisp and blistering – at least I hope they are blisters because I have white blotches all over my arms and top of my knees.  OUCH. 

Once again I have questioned something I was told was a fact and I have been proven wrong.  I am quite happy to admit my mistakes and now know I am not kidding when I say “I can only spend 20 minutes in the sun!”.

Do you ever feel the need to make sure?  It reminds me of the time I went to NYC to make sure I didn’t like musicals….

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