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Selling Yourself

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How many of us are good at selling ourselves?  I am not.  I know who I am so I forget others don’t know anything and I have to start to describe the person I am.  I had the wish that others would look here to learn that, but no such luck.  People are overwhelmed.  And many won’t read even for money!  It is stunning.  When I come across someone I don’t know I read everything I can on him or her. I go to their website, all of their social media sites.  I read and learn.  I am different I guess.

I am insatiably curious.  It is a blessing and a curse.  I have such a full life because I am always learning.  I find joy in the smallest of details and I experience everything with a sense of wonder.  I tackle new projects with total passion.  I am excited by change and look forward to what my next adventure will be.  I will admit though, actual moving has gotten old for me.  I look forward to the time that I can actually unpack, for a little while at least.  I am not sure I have hit my final destination, but I do believe I am coming close.  I am realizing what is important to me, and trying to make it happen.  I will admit, my earlier years were spent searching, exploring, learning, and growing – I craved the change and the new experiences.  I wanted to learn everything about the industry I was in.  It didn’t really occur to me how it would look to future employers.  I was well rounded – isn’t that good?  I have lived on both sides of the fence and I can help on either side with that knowledge.

Learning is key to my existence.  If I am not learning I am not growing and I will bore easily.  I don’t like repetitive tasks.  I love structure and goals (see List Making Changed My World), but I obviously wouldn’t read the same book every week – sort of the same thing with work.  I love to work.  I have no problem with volume, as long as there is some differentiation.  For me, if I am doing the same task with different people – it doesn’t count.  I don’t know the percentage – I am thinking probably 80/20.  That 20% makes all the difference.  It gives me a breath of fresh air; a new perspective and a mental break from one thing to another.  This is the first time I have really thought about the percentage.  It is very useful to know how much change you need.  I didn’t know that early in my career.  I was so interested in the “new” that I didn’t really think about the reality.  Wow – I bet most people can identify with that!  How much do we do we don’t think through? 

We read a job description, get excited and then don’t realize it’s all paperwork.  For example, police work.  I wanted to be a police officer when I was younger and thankfully I didn’t, because the paperwork is staggering.  TV makes it look glamorous, but it’s a lot of crap work in my opinion and not something that matches my personality style.  I am working on communicating and selling myself much better.  I did the exercises last week in one of my favorite books:  Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type and found these 3 key phrases that I am going to use to judge any future projects I take on:

1. Lets me work with other intelligent, creative, ambitious, and goal-oriented individuals whose competencies I respect.

2. Challenges and stimulates my intellectual curiosity and lets me work with complex and often difficult problems

3. Lets me lead, be in control, organizing and perfecting the operating systems of an organization so that is runs efficiently and reaches its goals on schedule

Now I have a base on which to sell myself – a very clear definition of what I need and want in a workplace, and I can also choose the projects I take on using these criteria.  It’s time to take control of my life and steer the direction instead of randomly wandering and hoping that the outcome will be one that I want.  I don’t regret my years of wandering – it was fun actually.  I learned a ton, I enjoyed the people and the places, but it has left me a bit adrift.  I am still the excited, passionate, eager and willing individual, but I want to make an informed decision this time.  Ready?  Set.  Go! 

Excited about my next steps and what the universe has in store.  This time I am going in consciously and purposefully.  It’s exciting.  Have you made a decision lately that you are excited about?  Share it in the comments!  Let’s get this conversation going.  Your life experiences matter.  They may help someone else and isn’t that what it’s all about?  Carpe diem!

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