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So many things to write about this week! 

My Ab Bootcamp with Billy Blanks  is AWESOME! Different exercises for a change, it’s nice.  I am excited to see the results.  I like working new muscles. 

I finished my World Mythology: An Anthology of Great Myths and Epics by Donna Rosenberg  and it was fascinating.  I can’t believe I had never read any of these before.  I had seen movies with the same themes but I never really understood what they meant – it was sort of like Shakespeare!  But now I have an overview of the myths that have guided the world.  It is pretty amazing that written so long ago they speak so clearly to how we should live our lives today.  This was my favorite quote:  It’s from The Ramayana:  Sita to Rama:  "Do not grieve over what you have had to do.  Each of us must accept whatever life brings.  Wherever there is growth, there is decay.  Wherever there is birth, there is death.  Wherever there is prosperity, there is poverty.  Wherever there are friendship and love, there is separation."  Pretty profound don’t you think?

Then I read the Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life  by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.  I took a lot of notes.  I would be happy to share if you like.  The main takeaway I left with is that you need to give in to life and live it to the fullest.  Don’t be overly concerned about what others think and have fun!  When you make a mistake respond with:  “How Fascinating!”  And learn from it.  That’s really important.  Learn from your mistakes and keep going.  As Soren Kierkegaard said:  Pleasure disappoints, possibility never.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Today I finished Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons by Lewis Schiff it was illuminating the way it showed the differences between the middle class and self-made millionaires.  With my business background and education, along with my many years of negotiation I knew most of the distinctions and I do my best to practice them, but the one I am woefully unskilled in is failure.  I don’t allow myself to go there.  I, like many others, move on quickly and never speak of the event.  I must put myself out there to learn where my actual strengths are, not the ones I “know”, the ones I don’t!  I am happy that I read this book and I am looking forward to the lessons it will bring.

I took a Career Style Quiz on City Girl.    It was fun, short and surprising insightful.  I got “The Leader” – let me know what you get! 

I finally got a digital kitchen scale today at Costco.  I love it!  Measuring all of my food is tedious at best.  And some food, such as my chicken tenderloins are not uniform and I prefer to eat the serving size I am counting my calories on!  I used the scale for lunch and it was perfect – no more measuring cups!  Unless I make a cake – but that’s not likely J

I have been working on my websites also this week, take a look at :

The others are under construction and I hope to be launching soon!  It’s been quite a week.  Very busy.  How was your week?

One of the most fascinating books I read this week was Boundless Potential by Mark S. Walton.  It’s about getting older and how our brains are capable of so much more than we have been led to believe.  The book is filled with stories about people who reinvented themselves and created entirely new careers with talents they never knew they had.  It was inspiring.

Here’s a quote from one of the stories:

The secret is in knowing that it's better to fail at your own bliss than succeed at someone else's. Realizing your human potential means using the life you are given to become more and more of who you really are. It means: Just do it! ~Michael Murphy

Given my current career situation this is just what I needed to hear.  I was so glad I didn’t have to consider EVER retiring – not that I ever had, but it is such a strong force in our society that its hard not to worry about.  I also gained the perspective that our career and lives are definitely now in our own hands.  Of course I have heard this for years starting with my beloved Tom Peters in The Brand Called YOU debuting in Fast Company in 1997.  But at that time it wasn’t as relevant to me as it is now.   No company is secure anymore and we need to rely on our own talents rather than someone else’s.  This is a hard lesson to learn, at least for me, it’s not that I grew up thinking I would work for one company my entire life, but I still like the teamwork and camaraderie of a large company, as well as the prestige and respect obtained by working with a nationally known brand. 

Regardless if I go back to corporate life now, I still will (hopefully) have a large chunk of time to fill with a viable career option.  I am excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to see the new talents I will uncover in my lifetime.  Have you discovered any new talents?  I find this field fascinating and I love to hear people’s stories.  I have often wanted to videotape people’s life stories so they are not forgotten.  I know I should just do it!  But I haven’t found any willing participants yet.  Maybe it will be part of my future – I hope so!

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