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I finished reading this book Happier:  Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment.  Words to live by. Great book. Quick read. A lot of food for thought.

From the book: ""What will make me happier?" It is about finding the overlap of 3 questions: 

1. What gives me meaning?
2. What gives me pleasure?
3. What are my strengths?

It's about asking, "What is my calling?" and identifying the things that you really, really want to do at school, at work, and with your life as a whole.

We are living a happy life when we derive pleasure and meaning while spending time with our loved ones, or learning something new, or engaging in a project at work. The more our days are filled with these experiences, the happier we become. This is all there is to it."

I really enjoyed reading this book.  I am starting to get into the Postive Psychology movement.  Looking forward to learning more!

This week I went to the library, innocently returning a book and ended up checking out 4 more!  I have a problem, I know.  I still have almost 200 of my own books to read but when I see an interesting book I just can’t help myself!  I am so glad my addiction is to learning.  Much cheaper – free at the library!  And very fulfilling.

I was in the computer section, which is right next to the career section so I just jumped over there to see what kind of interesting things I could learn there.  This is what I found:

Take Charge of Your Career!:  365 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Achieve Happiness at Work and in Life.  This one was full of great information and quotes – it’s actually all it is.  It made me want to start my own list!  Basic stuff, but really motivational and as always, makes you think about things maybe you hadn’t considered in a while.  My favorite?  Everyday do 5 things to move you toward reaching your most important goal.  Do you do this?  I know I don’t, but now it’s on my radar so I am going to try.

The next one I read was 100 Bullshit Jobs. . .And How to Get Them.  It was surprisingly informational.  I knew it would be humorous, but it also gave me some really great ideas about positions to pursue, and those to avoid.  It was at this point I realized this was exactly what I needed!  I have always thought I was missing out on a possible new career because I didn’t know about it.  Now I know about 100 different jobs, many of which I had never heard of! 

Next up was a book on Community Development. A Guide to Careers in Community Development This has been an interest of mine for many years; my final project when I was getting my MBA was a non-profit called Friends R Us.  I got a great response to the idea and I really hope to make it a reality soon.  This book not only listed many careers in the industry, but also had several “Day in the Life” records of real life people doing the job.  It is a great resource.

The final book I picked up was Starting Your Career As a Social Media Manager.  I was surprised by this one.  I picked it up because I am a very heavy social media user, but I wondered if I was covering all my bases.  This book is funny, walks through getting a job in social media and gives some great websites to help you in your search. 

I have enjoyed all of these books and I am glad they were quick reads and I got something out of all of them.  Amazingly, it was exactly want I needed this week.  I love when it works out like that. Here’s to another great week of learning and exploring! 

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