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I saw Robert Greene for the first time in a interview Chase Jarvis did with him a few months ago.  I encourage you to watch it.

I immediately requested his new book - Mastery from the library and I got it last week.  It's phenomenal.  I can't encourage people enough to read this book if they have ANY interest at all in personal development.  Here's a taste from Addicted to Success - the 20 Powerful Lessons of Mastery learned from Robert Greene.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Less typing for me and you can read the rules for yourself and decide if you want to read the book.  I highly recommend it!

When I started this blog in 2011 I vowed to write every day and with moving at the time I had a lot to talk about.  That vow was broken and now I have seen a trend to write only on Sundays because that’s when the email goes out with the new posts.  I want to change that.  Before I was writing because it was my only creative outlet.  Now, I write for 20 minutes every morning, so thankfully all the “junk” gets released there.  So here, I want to share what I am doing.  Which right now is reading – a lot.  I don’t write about even half of what I am reading because I am on to the next one.  Maybe I should take a break to reflect and really put the information to use.  So, here goes:

Last week I finished up two creative business plan books.  I have prepared business plans for people in the past and my focus was predominantly financial, my MBA hard at work smileyBut taking a look at the plans through a creative eye was amazing.  It was fun, a bit challenging (for me) but yielded better results than just muscling through it with logic.  I think it really adds something to the process and brings out more of the passion you need to run a successful business.  I am really glad CreativeLIVE held the workshop with Jennifer Lee, The Right-Brain Business Plan:  A Creative, Visual Map for Success and she recommended The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real.  Here’s my what it looked like in progress: 

One of the things I did in the workshop was create this “manifesto”.  It’s growing on me:            

Another thing I did recently is re-start movie night.  When Netflix split off their two lines, I chose to go with streaming and since then I haven’t been very good with actually watching the movies so now I calendar them!  Wednesday night is movie night and it’s amazing how much it influences the rest of my week.  I really enjoy watching the movie and also it gets me thinking about what I want to create some day.  Looking forward to the new opportunities.  What is up with you lately?


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