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How do YOU Fascinate?

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In 5 minutes, get the 5 adjectives that describe who you are, at your best. Just use my code BL-teritemme at #HTWSY

Here are mine:

The 5 defining POWER personality characteristics: 

  1. sil powerConfident: A POWER personality usually does not fear stretch goals and rarely doubts their ability to reach the finish line.
  2. Goal-Oriented: Those with POWER as their primary Advantage tend to be intensely focused on achievements. Their drive to succeed usually makes them ideal candidates for taking on large projects.
  3. Influential: As leaders, POWER personalities are often looked to for answers and assistance, which usually provides them the opportunity to guide co-workers and customers.
  4. Opinionated: An individual with POWER as a primary Advantage usually has strong beliefs. They are known for their candor and say what needs to be said. They are formidable debaters and negotiators, making them effective salespeople.
  5. Decisive: POWER personalities are able to easily make decisions. They are known to quickly size up a situation and determine a course of action. When MYSTIQUE would be analyzing data, and INNOVATION would be coming up with new approaches, and PASSION would be focusing on connections with others, POWER would have likely already set the path and already begun leading others down it.

Share yours in the comment section.  It is really fun.  

Thank you for participating!

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