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REVIEW: Rebooting Work

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Rebooting Work by Maynard Webb

A friend recommended this book last week and luckily I got it from the library quite quickly - I had been waiting for Lean In since February!  I am starting that one today.  

This is a quick read, but has a lot of depth.  The best tool (in my opinion) is the Worksheet to help you determine where you want your career to go.  You can access it at the author's site:  Maynard Webb.  I recommend getting the book too so you have the background around it.  

It follows this Framework :

1.  Company Man or Woman

2.  CEO of Your Own Destiny

3.  Disenchanted Employee

4.  Aspring Entrepreneur

Which one do you think you are now?  Which one do you WANT to be?



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