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Screenwriting: Save the Cat!

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Save the Cat

Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need by Blake Snyder is awesome! Tim Ferriss recommended it in a post and he was right. It is geared towards scripts of course, but it is really helpful for telling any kind of story.  I will give you a tidbit of what is included.  The book is really detailed, but not long and really fun.  Here’s how the author breaks down all movies – try it, it works!  The numbers in parenthesis are page numbers for your script.  Isn’t it amazing?

·      Opening Image (1)

·      Theme Stated (5)

·      Set-Up (1-10)

·      Catalyst (12)

·      Debate (12-25)

·      Break into Two (25)

·      B Story (30)

·      Fun and Games (30 - 55)

·      Midpoint (55)

·      Bad Guys Close In (55 - 75)

·      All Is Lost (75)

·      Dark Night of the Soul (75 - 85)

·      Break into Three (85)

·      Finale (85-110)

·      Final Image (110)

The book also covers movie types, character development, pitch (don’t call it a “pitch”) secrets, creative writing tips and the realities of Hollywood.  This is a very entertaining and enlightening book.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in how stories are told and sold.

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