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I had the incredible opportunity to attend a Tony Robbins Live event at DreamForce'12 at Moscone Center in San Francisco on Friday. Tony Robbins advertised it on his Facebook and Twitter page and offered free tickets to attend.  How awesome is that?  I want to share a few notes from the 4 hour - yes 4 hour presentation.  It was amazing.  Very active.  A lot of exercises with other people and an incredible amount of celebrating.  I have been a fan of his for years.  A lot of what I heard I had heard before, but I needed to hear it again.  I think we all need a reminder sometimes :)  Hope you enjoy!

To change (make a breakthrough) you need (in reverse order of importance):

1. A new strategy

2. A new story

3. A state change – biggest indicator of change.  Affects everything!


Decisions shape our lives.  Two forces:

1. State (moment to moment)  Change your state – change your life.

2. Blueprint (long term) the invisible force that controls your life.  Longer term structure – if you change it you will end up with something different.


3 Decisions to take control:

1. What should I focus on?

2. What does that mean?

3. What am I going to do?


Questions control your focus.  Ask Better Questions!


Decisions control your destiny.


None of this will work without energy.


Your state is the difference.



Today and the rest of the week is another great learning opportunity! Lesa is an awesome teacher.  I took her CS5 class last year and it was awesome.  She is also the author of the Missing Manual Books on Photoshop and iPhoto.  Join me!  They also have replays if this time slot doesn't work for you, or buy the video's at the incredibly low price of $79!

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day learning/re-learning MySQL on udemy.  Bucky Roberts produces great tutorials. They are short and content rich.  I highly recommend it if you need a refresher.  He uses phpMyAdmin in cPanel.  He is also funny so that helps.

I love udemy.  A lot of great courses and many are free, like this one.

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