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Just finishing up the teaser for my class on Break-even Analysis.  What a blast.  I hope everyone has as much fun in the class as I have had making it.

I will share the link as soon as it is live!

Here's a sneak peak:

Wow, my entire blog post was written and Word crashed and I lost it all. The Auto Recover didn’t work (apparently). I am stunned. I have heard this happening, but I really thought it was operator error – not so much. . . very disappointed. But here I go again.

My first call today was with Anodea Judith - Chakra expert, Best-Selling author, Workshop Presenter, Psychologist, and Evolutionary Activist. I have read one of her books: “Eastern Body, Western Mind” and I also have one of her chakra books. Today she spoke about Chakras as a template for transformation. I enjoyed it.

Next up was 7 Habits of Peaceful Entrepreneurs; they covered the basics of building an online business that’s peaceful, passionate and profitable — with minimal stress. Unfortunately, I had to drop off this call when they split us into groups to discuss a poem because a. I don’t want to discuss a poem, and b. I couldn’t hear the lines because someone was calling on the other line and kept cutting in. I don’t think forced participation is very peaceful, just sayin’. The disruption also coincided with losing my blog so it was not meant to be. I have been noticing phone calls are disrupting my Internet lately, not good. Hopefully the new location will resolve this.

A couple of other things I am looking into today: Pamela Slim’s Power Teaching Course. I would really like to participate, but launching a class by the end of January seems unrealistic. I will definitely keep this one on my to-do list.

The other is Michelle Ward’s (When I Grow Up Coach) “Operation: Creative Career Cheer!” For $19.34 on Saturday (her birthday). I downloaded a sample and I really liked it. Although I have answered the same type of questions over and over I like her style. And I like that she celebrates her birthday without regrets. You have to respect that!

My last call today was Create Products That Are “Sold Out” BEFORE They’re Ever Created...Making Your NEXT Product Profitable LONG Before You've Made It with Clay Collins. It was a little long – 90 minutes and he went into detail about his offer. I prefer a condensed version, although a lot of the ideas were really good.

I also have The Eagle to watch tonight with Channing Tatum and it’s Thursday, so it’s The Big Bang Theory night! Busy day, I think I have committed to too many webinars and need to start doing something!

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