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Bachelor of Science, Organizational Behavior

I attended the University of San Francisco at a satellite campus in Visalia, California.  Through that experience, I was given the opportunity to achieve my educational goals in a condensed amount of time while applying what I had learned in my classes through experiential learning exercises.  Those exercises, which consisted mostly of writing essays, allowed me to prove that I could implement the theories and concepts taught in my classes to real business situations.  This experience was truly remarkable and gave me the self-confidence and knowledge that I am able to make a difference.


MBA, Management and Organizational Behavior


·      Behavioral Science for Managers

·      Business Ethics

·      Current Issues in Management

·      Emerging Technologies

·      Financial Principles & Policies

·      Law for Business Executives

·      Management Concepts for Information Technology

·      Managerial Accounting

·      Managerial Economics

·      Marketing Theory

·      Organizational Dynamics

·      Organizational Theory Development

·      Quantitative Methods I

·      Strategic Management

When I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Business I wanted to add credibility to the experience I had gained in my thirteen years of management, and I also wanted to expand my knowledge base of the new trends and efficiency procedures in the business world.  I learned throughout that educational process that my innate abilities of being able to recognize trends, my keen sense of observation and creativity, along with the hard negotiation skills I had gained in my work experience all worked very well together to help businesses increase their bottom line while motivating their employees to do their best.


Continuing Education/Motivation:

Tapes and seminars presented by: Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Deepak Chopra, Denis Waitley, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Peter Lowe, Robert Stuberg, Rudy Ruettiger, Stephen R. Covey, and Zig Ziglar.  As well as the list here.

I love to learn.  I have taken courses beyond my college degrees in the following areas:


Isla Studio San Francisco:  Photography

Calumet Photo:  2-day Video BootCamp

The Hollywood Film Institute:  2 day Film School

CreativeLive:  Photography, Filmmaking

College of San Mateo:  Digital Video Production



Udemy: Product Development at Facebook, Marissa Mayer's New Product Development Process, Darden School of Business Entrepreneurship Course, Foundations of Business Strategy, Operations Management

ITunes University: Entrepreneurship & Business Course with Professor Mark Juliano (Carnegie Mellon)

Pamela Slim : Power Teaching, Partnership Playbook

Daily Success Deals:  Brian Clark - Builidng Your Business with Content Marketing, Dr. Mollie Marti - How to Lead Yourself & Your Business, Jonathan Fields - How to Transform Fear & Anxiety into Success for Your Business

The Shift Network:  2011 Enlightened Business Summit, 2012 Winter of Wellness Summit

Skyline College: Asian Business Management

The HP Learning Center

Learning Annex:  Robert Kiyosaki, Dolf De Roos, Diane Kennedy, Blair Singer

American Management Association :  Coaching for High Performance, Finance & Accounting for Non financial Managers, How to Develop the Strategic Plan, Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals, Planning & Leading Productive Meetings, and Successful Project Management

CreativeLive:  See a partial list here.



Udemy:  Learn to Develop an iPhone or IPad App, My SQL Database

CreativeLive:  Photoshop, WordPress, InDesign

Stanford – Online AI course

College of San Mateo : Certificates of Specialization in Computer Forensics and CIS Network Security Specialist

The HP Learning Center - Excel

Learning Tree University - now Closed in Chatsworth:  Website Development



Ruzuku: Naked Fitness, Your Best Self

Healing with the Masters:  Special 2012 Workshop Series

Skyline College:  Wholistic Health

Crystal Springs Golf Course:  Learning Golf the Fun Way with Jennifer Alexander

Huntington Beach Community Center:  Cooking wiht Tofu!

Education Direct - now Penn Foster : Fitness Certification

Staff Builders Hospice - office closed



West Coast School of Law:  Legal Research, Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law

Law Seminars International:  Commerical Real Estate Leases, Easements and CCR's

American Association for Justice:  Seattle Conference while attending Law School


Real Estate

Key Realty Real Estate School: Nevada Real Estate Law, Broker Management

Coastline College:  International Building Code

Premier Schools, Inc.: Mortgage Loan Brokering & Lending, Real Estate Economics

Los Angeles Pierce College:  Real Estate Finance

Los Medanos College: Real Estate Principles, Retail Operations

West Los Angeles College:  Real Estate Practices, Legal Aspects, Real Estate Appraisal



College of San Mateo:  Human Biology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology:  Bird Biology



Dr. Claudia Rose: Write Your Book

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