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This is an excerpt from the book I am doing for NaNoWriMo: “It’s Not Just Me, Is It?” (I added the pictures and video for this post):

I had the honor of attending an Opening Ceremony for a Sand Mandala building at a local library.

Soon after the chanting started a calm surrounded me and I came back to my center. 

The monks chanted and played music, and then prepared the table for the mandala. The chalk lines were all drawn painstakingly. 

This process alone took 90 minutes. It was fascinating to watch the dedication and love that went into this process. I heard it takes a full 3 years to train in this discipline. I have seen the Sand Mandala's before, but I had never really known their meanings, and the profound impact they have on the people who view them and on their environment, from the literature I picked up on the site.

An Explanation of the Sand Mandala Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "cosmogram”, or "world in harmony" In Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, it is said that wherever a Sand Mandala is created, all sentient beings and the surrounding environment are blessed. Whoever views the mandala experiences profound peace and great joy. The colorfulness and harmony of the millions of sand particles in the mandala gives a powerful message that we all can live in peace if each of us work In creating a little more space for others in our hearts.

Isn't that powerful? I really want to go to the closing ceremony too - they destroy the mandala and distribute the sand.  This is what was said about the Closing Ceremony:

The Mandala Deconstruction Process During the closing ceremony, the monks dismantle the Mandala, sweeping up the colored sand to symbolize the impermanence of all phenomena. It is meant to be a teaching to show that everything that exists has a beginning, middle and an end. At this time, when requested, half of the sand is distributed to the audience as a blessing for their personal health and healing. The sand can either be kept in one's home on the altar, or be dispersed around your yard as a protection for your home and family. The whole region, and in fact the whole earth, is said to be blessed by this process.

If being in the presence of the Opening Ceremony was so transformational I can just imagine the effect of that sand.  I feel I must share this with others. This is the message I am spreading also. I just want it to occur in a more individual way. I admire their message of world peace, but I want to accomplish it one person at a time.  I don't think we can do it any other way.  Otherwise, we are only as strong as our weakest link and as we all know, there are a lot of weak links out there.  We need to get to those people and bolster their self confidence and get them to believe in a greater life and better existence by living the life they truly desire instead of being stuck in the quagmire of their mind and hostilities.  It is an uphill battle, but if we aren't going to do it, who is?  It has to start with us and when others see what we have achieved they will have choice but to join us.  They will see the smiling faces and the good works and want to be with the winning team as we work together in love, light and happiness.  As we create the world we have always wanted and can live each day satisfied we have done our part and lived our dreams.


I created a couple of video's this week, first, one for a friend (paid!) - a trip to Glastonbury in October for 12 conscious adventurers:

Experience the Sacred Sites of Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury.

October 12th - 15th, 2012

The journey's theme will be Inner Transformation, inspired by the land and using the powerful energies of these Sacred Spaces.

Your co-hosts for this amazing journey are Jan Eaton  and Kathleen Nelson Troyer.

For more information and to sign up for the event please go to:

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