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Did you know you can download 5 free songs a week just for having a library card?  Check to see if your local library participates, the service is offered through Freegal at my library.  The downloads are all in the MP3 format with no DRM.  It works with any MP3 player, and can be loaded into iTunes.  I download mine directly to iTunes each week. It works on both PCs and Macs.  

I have really enjoyed getting these each week and exploring new genres and filling in some gaps in my music library.  This week I am downloading music from Mickey Hart.


Rarely do I post about these kinds of things, but right now I would LOVE to win 2 nights in a Luxury Hotel!

This is from Ramit Sethi and you can win too!

Enter your name and email from the link above and share it often (they give you the links).

Maybe we can go together!  Just kidding.  Well, unless you insist....

Here's to a fantastic friday and hopefully winning a few nights in a luxury hotel.

One of my favorite hotels, not on the list is in Cabo San Lucas - so peaceful there on the beach.

Here's a picture:

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