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I would like to invite you to my Facebook Mastermind Business Group.  

Like the page and you will be notified of upcoming events.  Come and join the fun!

Mission:  A place to discuss your business issues and concerns, consider new marketing ideas and act as a support system for each other.

Meetings: location and time will be dependent on the members.  Mostly likely, calls will be held on Skype. The frequency of the meeting will be discussed.  Thinking monthly, but willing to do more if requested.

Who’s Invited:  Anyone passionate about business and willing to share their ideas with others.

Are you a member of Michael Port's Think Big Revolution?  If not, you should be, it's awesome.

Sign up here:

Michael does weekly calls on Tuesday at 9 am PST.  They are always inspirational and many times you can ask him any question, he even does web reviews.  it is a phenomenal opportunity and very generous of him.

I look forward to "seeing" you there.

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