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I have found my home - Silicon Valley is exhilarating to me.  I love all the tech, new products and energy that is abundant here.  I have lived in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Washington - all wonderful places, yet I never felt "at home".  I always appreciated what I learned in a new place, but I admittedly, was always ready to move on, the words would barely leave my lips before I was packing.  And I have a lot of stuff (I think we've covered that!).  So for the first time, really ever, I feel at home.

Last year I had a burning desire to live in NYC - after so many years of commuting I wanted to walk everywhere. I love exploring and it's always so much more exciting when you don't have to worry about parking.  Now, this is coming from a girl who has two (2) cars - so don't get me wrong - I LOVE my cars, BUT....parking is not my favorite!  Imagine my delight when I moved here and can walk EVERYWHERE!  It is so awesome.  I feel free.  There is literally something new, to me, around every corner and I have been surprised and delighted almost daily.  This now is one of my favorite sights:

I feel a bit like a rat in a maze though because the sound that they have instantly makes me move forward.  It's pretty funny, but a little dangerous when I am in the car!

So, I satisfied my NYC craving and gained so much more - great weather all year round, an awesome library right across the street and less attitude (in my opinion).  The best of all possible world's to me.

But I digress, the real intention for this post was to tell you about my experience with  I encourage everyone to go to this site and see what is happening in your area and if there is nothing you like - start a group!  I have had so much fun the past couple of weeks finding great new groups and places to go.  I will do a separate post on some of them.  But, go - see what you can discover!

Rarely do I ask for money, but this is so awesome I had to share:

Here's the link!

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