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I really want to share the Essence reading I had last Saturday, BUT the audio only wants to play if you press download - so sorry!  It means you have to go to a different page.  I am working on why this is happening, but for now, it's the only way I can share this amazing gift.

Backstory:  I am helping these coaches with their website/business.  I was not familiar with using energy or having my essence read.  Since joining their team I have been experiencing more and more about what they do and let me tell you - it's incredible.  Also see the post I did about Intuitive Methodologies - Introduction to Energy Work.

The bottom line is it's about YOU.  It's seeing who you REALLY are - not all the things you've been told by well meaning people all of your life (or not so well-meaning people!).  So far I have been pleasantly surprised how amazingly accurate everyone has been.  I have not met these people (except the one that brought me in, who I met via Twitter - how awesome is that?). They do not know me, or what I have done.  This is what they "read" about me.

Here's the recording:  {mp3}essence of teri{/mp3}

This is from one of their many BlogTalk Radio Shows - Essence Coaches - this one is called Laser Love and it is on Saturday's at Noon.  They have shows every day of the week and you can also access them on iTunes .  Monday nights are really fun, they are introducing all the coaches  - 3 at a time and it's great to hear about them and their backgrounds.  Callers are welcome on all the calls.

What I have learned is that everyone can read energy, we are all born with the knowledge but most of us lose it along the way. It's pretty exciting stuff.  Have you had your essence read?  If you haven't, please visit their website!  While you are there, sign up for the free meditations and energy tools and get a fantastic offer for a full reading (which includes removing blocks and helping you move forward to the life you'll love) for only $50!  That deal is only good for September so go there now!  If you have experienced a reading, please share your experiences below.  If there are any technical difficulties please contact me.

Last Wednesday I went to a Meetup for Women Entrepreneur's called Introduction to Energy Work.  Coincidentally I am working with a group of 27 Energy (Essence) Coaches on their website launch for next week, so I went partly for my own knowledge, but mainly to see how it was marketed so I could help them.

Boy was I surprised!  It was an awesome evening and very physical.  The speaker, skilled in martial arts lead us through amazing exercises demonstrating the power of energy.  I was blown away and left the meeting quite energized.  I invite you to visit his website.  It is FILLED with great information and access to the methods he teaches.  Here's a brief introduction (copied from his site):

An Introduction:

My name is Brian Rainie and I started Intuitive Methodologies [formally] a few years ago. After teaching intuitive skills and offering an array of services, it seemed like the next logical step.  Although it has the structure of a business, I'd like to think it is more of a tool to connect with other intuitive specialists and support communities wanting to expand their knowledge in this area.

I have a very strong desire to give back to community, and what I offer here is what I do best. I love connecting with people, and introducing them to this magical world of energy.  I'm stunned to see how much has been lost over the years, and am excited to bring it back to life. Working with peers who share my passion energizes me, and newcomers, bringing in their unique perspectives, never cease to amaze me.

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