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So excited that I started this challenge!  I had heard about this for years but had never really considered it.  Then Emilie Wapnick sent an email about doing it and writing a "bad novel" and I was off to the web page to sign up!  I have no idea where it will go or why I am so excited about doing it, but everyday I am eager to get to it and see what comes through me.  I am really doing it as it comes and not planning.  I guess I should practice making a plan, but that's not where I am at right now - I am just having fun and exploring where it goes.  I am at 14,000 words today (before I write today) so I am happy with my progress - it started November 1st and I am loving the process and what it is bringing.  It is really making me happy.  Have you participated before?  Let us know your experience!  I can imagine at some point I am going to probably want it to be over because there is a certain amount of pressure, but I am up for it!

I will keep you updated on my progress.  It's called:  "It's Not Just Me, Is It?".

Saturday matinees, November 2012!

Bring the whole family to an exciting musical adventure both entertaining and educational. With his magical guitar, the History Hunter journeys through world cultures hunting for the stories of remarkable people. Through song, dance, dramatic performance and the ancient art of storytelling, their stories are vividly brought to life on stage. An absolute delight for children of all ages.  Here's a highlight reel from a recent show:

Ticket information:

Children (ages 2-12)- $7.50
Seniors (over 62)- $10.00
Family package (2 adults, 3 children)- $40.00
Group discounts available- call for more information- (303) 571-9321

Show times:
1:00 and 3:30 pm

Su Teatro @
Denver Civic Theatre
721 Santa Fe Dr., Denver
Like the History Hunter on Facebook:
A Sing-a-long Picture Book and CD are also available.
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