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Teri Temme ENTJ

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Teri Temme ENTJ

Who I am in a nutshell.  I took a test at Personality Max yesterday.  Thanks to Kelley for showing it to me.  It has over 200 questions but it goes very quickly.  At the end, for a mere $37, you get a 68 page detailed report with your Myers Briggs personalty type, your primary intelligence, your learning style, and your dominant brain hemishpere.  Included are ideal careers for you not only based on your personality type, but also your intelligence and learning styles.  This was one of the best and most comprehensive tests I've taken, and I've taken a few...(understatement) smiley

Here are the careers that they thought were best for me:

• Actor/Actress
• Banker
• Computer Consultant
• Judge
• Lawyer/Attorney

• Pilot
• Politician
• Professor
• Scientist

• Systems Analyst
• Teacher

Interesting huh?  I don't disagree.  Except for Banker, I have contemplated them all - some for longer than others.  Actress was sort of over after my first Acting class in college.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, it wasn't my life and that's what it has to be to succeed in that brutal environment.  It wasn't completely over for me though until I was an extra in the Rock Hudson story - being on the set was a wake up call.  It was not for me.  There was a lot of yelling and a lot of waiting.  But going through hair, makeup and wardrobe was an awesome experience. And I still don't miss an opportunity to visit a set - visiting ER with my friend Krista was very fun.  


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