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Where I have been, What I have done

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I am your typical Type A overachiever.  Intensely curious: I have rarely seen a class I didn’t want to take, a book I didn’t want to read, or a business problem I haven’t wanted to solve.  I am also a volunteer.  I will volunteer for any project I think is interesting (which is almost all of them).  I have been called a Pit Bull (I think they meant it in the nicest way) – I have perseverance and will fight for the right outcome, yet I am not confrontational in general.  I will go with the status quo unless there is a more efficient way to accomplish a task and if so, I will let you know.  But it is your choice to implement it.

I was fortunate to begin my career in entrepreneurial companies working directly with the owners to learn retail and real estate development from the ground up.  I was most drawn to leasing, marketing and management.  Those themes have prevailed in my career. I went to a big corporation to do lease negotiations for the Landlord of major US shopping centers, negotiating literally hundreds of leases a year with top name retail and restaurant tenants while I lived in Los Angeles. 

For the past ten years I have relocated several times with my husband, so I decided to explore the other sides of real estate development.  In Las Vegas I did retail leasing.  When we moved to Seattle I decided to try office leasing and then went to the tenant side and worked in their real estate development department. I now have the perspective from both the Landlord and the Tenant, and additional work for a telecommunications start-up gave me insight into their world too. 

Throughout my career I have used my creativity to promote the Shopping Centers and retailers/tenants I have represented. I also use my love of technology in creating databases and centralizing information to share with others for retention and efficiency purposes. 

I am always seeking new information (do you know they only allow you to list 50 courses on LinkedIn?) – I have taken many more courses, but I ran out of space.  Like I said, I like to learn!

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