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I have less than 20 days to enjoy this view!

I had a wonderful first day of the year sitting here reading "The World is Flat".  I have decided I need to be more present where I live and take advantage of what I have.  I have a tendency to always want to be somewhere else.  I need to change that. Especially since I am moving to a small desert town in Nevada.

I am working on it.

2012 Resolutions:

3 Words:  Be, Present, Now

BE. Be myself. Don’t be afraid to express my opinion and stand up for what I believe in. Do not let others or the situation deter me from becoming more me. Become more interested and interesting. Get involved and contribute.

PRESENT. Always be mindful of the task at hand. If I am with others, be with them and connect, if I am studying a subject - study everything about it. Live in the present moment and learn to love it. Stop wanting to be somewhere else!

NOW. Don’t wait to connect to others and become myself. Do it NOW. Make it happen, don’t wait for an invitation. Schedule at least one (1) activity a week that involves interacting with other business owners.

I found this list recently, I wrote it one month after graduating High School, it is a pretty accurate view into how I think.  BTW, I have done most of them!

Things I Want:

Experience as much as possible

See Australia, Europe, Germany, Russia, Hawaii, Alaska

Explore Canada

Go skydiving, race cars, horseback riding, flying, snow skiing, surfing, sailing, jet ski

Learn to cook!

Make money to do all these things!

Have fun!!! At whatever the cost!! As long as its legal!!

Be happy at whatever I do

Get into photography

Not to worry about everything so much – Just live and let live

Not to think so much – do instead

Remember nothing is impossible!

I can do anything J

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