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Firefly 5K

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Last Saturday night I participated in the American Red Cross fundraiser – The Firefly 5K. It was my first 5K at night and the first one in MANY years. The day before had been Tony Robbins. I had walked literally miles in heels (not a good idea by the way) to and from the CalTrain. I had worried about the distance, but I didn’t even think different shoes might cause some pain. Did I say “some” – I should have said “SOME” pain. Intense would have been a better word. Not getting any sleep because of the cramping. The blisters didn’t even figure into the equation!

I thought possibly I could walk it off – it was muscular right?  It hurt like shin splints but in the front part of my ankle.  Tentatively I tried to walk.  Stairs were painful.  I got sick to my stomach.  Uh oh.  Two more hours until the event…I took a nap – about 30 minutes.  Then I remembered Arnica!  Thank you Arnica!!!  I applied it once and it was better, then I applied it before the race and although I wouldn’t say I was pain free I made it!  We finished and besides feeling a little nauseous I felt good.  I felt really good.

So the lessons I learned….

  • Push through the pain. Since the walk I have been fine.
  • Make commitments with leverage – if I wouldn’t have paid for it, I might not have gone.
  • Positive attitude is key. At any time it could have gone very differently if I would have started thinking negatively.
  • Team work is so important. Going alone would have been fine, but not fun!

The race was a lot of fun.  Very colorful.  A lot of great costumes. We felt very underdressed for the occasion.  I can’t wait for next year – I am already scoping out costumes – lighted tutu anyone?  Yep.  I found one today.  Having fun is serious business J

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