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It’s all about the Protein!

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In my quest for a balanced diet without gluten, dairy or meat I have had quite the time getting enough protein.  As I mentioned in Serving Size I have been cooking a lot of beans.  Thankfully with no repercussions wink Cutting chicken out was tough.  But seriously, I can’t eat it every day and I haven’t eaten red meat in years (on occasion I have had a hamburger and it is DELICIOUS).  I am not cutting out meat intentionally really; I just want to have more options.

Since I track my dietary intake daily I am able to see the effects of my protein deficiency.  When I wake up sore I immediately know before even looking at my Diet Planner that I didn’t eat enough protein yesterday.  When I am sore after my workout – yep, same culprit – I haven’t had enough protein.

Last week I tried a protein drink.  30 grams of protein and the taste is pretty good.  Oddly though it keeps me full in the morning and gets me through my workout, but then in the afternoon I am famished!  I end up eating all my calories by 5 pm.  Not good.  It is sort of strange.  Today I didn’t have a protein drink and my appetite is normal.  I am not sure why this is happening but it is a mystery to be solved.

I have contemplated only drinking the protein drinks and cutting out at least one additional meal, but the drinks have dairy in them and though I will be able to get away with it in the short term, in the long term it will start to hurt my stomach.  So, I am at a crossroads once again.  Which way should I go to balance my diet while getting all the necessary nutrients – and enough protein to build the lean muscle I so desire?  Stay tuned.  This is getting fun now.

Next week I change my exercise routine again – should I go with kettle bells?  Billy Blanks? Wii?  Or should I try an entirely new routine?

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